FAQ Section


1.) How do you make the print darker?

1a.) Scroll to printer settings verify date, time - “Speed” prompts - enter 2, “Darkness/Density” - enter 10.


2.) How do you change intervals for templates?

2a.) Scroll to (Company settings) - verify company info, Printer then prompts each template - “Standard Oil”- along with return mileage and month interval - goes through every template.


3.) How do you enter company info or remove it from the print?

3a.) Scroll to company settings - enter name, address, phone number, press enter to move to next prompt.

3b.) TO REMOVE - access Company Settings and backspace the company info and insert “space bar” and enter – to have no company info print.


4.) How do I adjust or change the year?

4a.) Enter into Template 10 - Printer Settings - “DATE” prompts - verify date - “enter” then year appears – type 2021 – verify speed and density settings and automatically saves.


5.) How do I reset my printer?

5a.) Switch the power switch “off” - located on the backhand side of the printer.

5b.) Next, press and hold both cylindrical buttons on top of the printer beneath the LED Screen.

5c.) Turn the printer back on while holding the cylindrical buttons.

5d.) Release the cylindrical buttons once the light bulb begins flashing green.

5e.) Try a sample print and see if that alleviated any issue that may have been occurring.


Printer MUST BE Plugged into Surge Protector in order for VALID Warranty.


Standard Warranty

2-Year Printer Manufacturing Warranty (must fill out online warranty form)

  • 1-year print-head or 1 million printed inches

  • Program issues

  • Printer manufacturer defects only up to 2 years total


Upgraded Warranty

5-Year Printer Manufacturer Warranty

($99.95 at time of purchase must fill out online warranty form)

  • Adds one additional 1-year print-head or 1 million printed inches

  • (2-year print-head or 2 million printed inches)

  • Program issues

  • Printer manufacturer defects only up to 5 years total


What the warranties do not cover:

  • Provided USB keyboard and cover

  • Printer being dropped or hit with a sledge hammer

  • Spills on printer and/or keyboard

  • Electrically caused issues (not using a surge protected outlet)